Sizes to fit all of your storage needs

We also feature prices to fit any budget. All of our storage units are situated on wide lanes, making loading and unloading a breeze. There are spacious parking areas and a ton of room to maneuver your RV or boat and trailer.

Sizes: Prices:
5x8 small closet, 60 boxes, chair, lawn furniture, roll up door $35.00
8x10 large walk in closet, 150 boxes, small one bedroom apt./washer/dryer, sofa, roll up door $53.00
15x8 200 boxes, average size bedroom, large roll up door $63.00
10x16 same as 20x8 with overhead door $74.00
10x20 one car garage, three bedroom apt, small vehicle, jet ski $87.00
10x22 whole house, three bedroom apt, medium vehicle, fishing boat, jet ski $89.00
10x24 same as 10x22, just extra walk around area, contractor storage, some with 10' tall doors $92.00
10x30 extra large garage, four bedroom house including patio furniture, contractor size, large vehicle, boat, multiple jet skis $101.00
13x36 over sized home, commercial storage, boat, rv, seasonal business, large concrete apron, easy open 12x14 overhead door $139.00
13x42 rv and boats up to 40' in length, jet ski, tow dolly, large concrete apron, easy open 12x 14 overhead door $159.00

*Prices subject to change. Please call 573.365.0684 for our most current pricing and latest specials.

NOW OFFERING: Temperature (Climate) Controlled Unit

Your unit is climate controlled, the term "climate Controlled" for the purposes of this lease means that the facility will use reasonable efforts to avoid temperature extremes in a unit by keeping the unit warmer than the outside temperature in cold weather, and cooler than the outside temperature in hot weather, through an HVAC or other system. As with any mechanical system, it is subject to failure or malfunction. The facility makes no representations regarding humidity control or safety of contents stored in the unit.